Covid-19 Call Centre Services

Stefto – Providing You with Contact Centre Support During These Challenging Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted business processes on a never-before scale. More and more anxious customers reach out to various businesses to get information or request help. Whether they are looking to get their holiday tickets rebooked or postpone EMIs on their loan accounts, companies have seen a monumental surge in customer queries ever since the start of the pandemic.

Customer service teams are stretched thin, struggling to keep up with the massive volumes of customer queries. Whether you are facing challenges providing customers with timely support or feeling pressure in dealing with anxious (and irate) customers, Stefto is here to help. We can keep your critical business operations moving at the right pace, even during these challenging times.

Keep it Business as Usual during the Pandemic

With Covid-19 restrictions, businesses are finding it difficult to operate their regular contact centre teams. At Stefto, we have professionally trained and experienced call centre candidates to help support enterprises struggling with remote operations. Our teams are ready to start delivering your services right from day 1. So, you can keep doing business as usual with minimal disruptions.

Keep it Business as Usual during the Pandemic
Handle Increased Customer Demand during the Pandemic

Handle Increased Customer Demand during the Pandemic

Globally, businesses across industries and sectors saw a massive rise in customer demand during and after the pandemic outbreak. As a result, customer service teams were stretched thin, making it difficult to deliver timely services. Slow response times led to a massive build-up in customer queries and led to enormous customer dissatisfaction. Stefto can provide an additional trained and professional customer service team to help you deal with increased customer query volumes.

How can Stefto help?

We are here to provide you with contact centre capacity efficiently, cost-effectively and quickly. Our teams are trained in handling customer support and delivering the best results. We have the right tools and resources in our hand, and our customer support team can be mobilised quickly, helping you get started immediately at short notice.

Our teams are equipped to work remotely, thereby overcoming lockdown restrictions. We tailor our services to suit your needs. Whether you require customer support to handle incoming calls, make outgoing calls or deal with back-office operations, we can scale up or down to meet your needs.

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